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The power of the present moment...

What is the Diamond Process™?

"The Diamond Process™ is a tested formula that celebrates one of Nature's Laws: challenges promote growth, evolution, and resilience.  As human beings, we can either collapse beneath obstacles or rise up, seeing them as disguised opportunities to awaken.  The Diamond Process™ invites you to consciously embrace the Whole of who you are, with no exceptions, and empower yourself to shine even brighter for the Highest Good of All.

Although challenges are simply part of the path, struggling does not have to be.  I am sharing the Diamond Process™ with you to help you relax into the Present Moment and awaken the empowered, authentic,  radiant being you are here to BE with ease and grace."

Excerpt from The Diamond Process: Using Everyday Triggers to Awaken the Treasure Within  by Veronica Krestow

Diamond Process Certificate
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