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Did I Mention I Have Three Daughters?

I just came across this draft of a post I wrote in the throes of some family drama back in May. As I read it to my middle daughter we laughed looking back at how crazy things were at that time and how we can joke about it now. Although the event has passed, the lesson is eternal. So here's to the family muck that keeps us all stuck together!

(This article originally appeared on on 8/30/17)

It's 10:24 pm and I'm sitting here in bed with my sacred "white space" wanting to rant and rave about the roller coaster ride that is my life with three daughters.

They are mostly grown at this point. My oldest turns 22 on Sunday, my middle daughter turns 19 1/2 on the same day and my youngest just turned 16. It's an estrogen bonfire but since my own estrogen levels are no longer capable of maintaining my "feminine balance" I guess I'm grateful for the contact high.

Anyway, I seem to be standing somewhere on the precipice between being a great mom and being a psycho mom depending on who you ask. Oldest budding goddess graduates from college this Sunday (which as I mentioned also happens to be her birthday), while second budding goddess is in the throes of finals at NYU (and also in the midst of searching for an apartment AND moving out of her dorm) and is making the train ride to DC for her sister's graduation. Baby goddess has a research paper due this coming Monday, which is the same day we return from the graduation festivities. Needless to say it's a stress tornado and I'm trying to seek safe shelter.

It's been a whirlwind of shared family texts about flight times, train reservations, attire, and the forecast for bad weather which can really screw up a well planned wardrobe. And since we all haven't been together since Christmas we've spent time planning some sight-seeing and dinners and even a hearty game of Utter Nonsense.

But in the matter of one afternoon, as the stress levels have hit there all time high, I have fielded crazy fast balls from all three of the baby goddesses. I sit here now (in my sacred white space) ranting to strangers and realizing that in all of the this crazy, messy drama is where this beautiful thing called LIFE actually happens.

Sure, it's wonderful to savor the peaceful family Kodak moments. But let's face it, we don't remember those as much as the struggles we muscled through as a family. They weren't pretty or sugar-coated but they taught us what we were made of. They taught us compassion for each other and most of all patience and perspective. They are the moments that bond families (especially sisters) together. There is nothing tidy in a well-lived life.



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